OCATS: Ontario Cataloguing and Technical Services Interest Group

Our goals:

  • To be a networking community to share information about trends and changes
  • To be a space to share information between all library types: public, academic, special, school, etc.
  • To support increased metadata content at OLA
  • To support professional development


We meet:

  • Quarterly, for two hours (online)
  • Next meeting: January 2023

Information sharing:

  • Let us know what your library is doing – do you have local processes that could be helpful to another library? Are there special projects you’re working on? Are you creating local LGTBQ2S+ headings, etc.?
  • Share your local headings or ontologies in a spreadsheet or in MARC format


Information sharing – Indigenous subject headings:

  • Lots of libraries across Canada are trying to move forward with subject headings, etc. while waiting for official headings from LAC. Share your library’s approach, or look here to get ideas
  • There is no implicit endorsement of any of the approaches, headings or processes documented on the site
  • Please indicate what type of community consultation your library has done in this process


Go to our Google Drive to access spreadsheets and presentations:

Join our listserv to ask questions or start a discussion:

Other links:

Indigenous Knowledge Management: Indigenous Subject Headings – AMA LCSH

First draft of the “First Nations, Metis and Inuit – Indigenous Ontologies” (FNMIIO)

Listserv administrator: Tammy Moorse, Hamilton Public Library

Site administrator: Kris Wawrzyniak, Toronto Public Library, kwawrzyniak@tpl.ca

Send submissions to: Kelly Buehler, Toronto Public Library, kbuehler@tpl.ca

Each institution will also have its own page. Currently there are two placeholders, one for HPL and one for TPL.