June 2020 Meeting Minutes

OCATS Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday June 18th, 2020
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Virtual Meeting via Microsoft Teams
  1. Welcome and Land Acknowledgement
  2. Approval of Agenda
    • Addition to Agenda: Item 6 – May Chan to give overview of Cataloguing Ethics Document
  3. Terms of Reference for Group
    • Name: Ontario Cataloguing and Technical Service Interest Group (OCATS)
    • Goals
      • To be a networking community to share information about trends and changes
      • To be a space to share information between all library types: public, academic, special, etc.
      • To support increased metadata content at OLA to support professional development. Through advocacy to OLA or through supporting each other to develop presentations together.
      • To collect data about cataloguing and metadata work and services to help individual libraries and departments present to senior leadership teams.
    • Structure
    • Meeting Schedule – quarterly hybrid meetings: in person and virtual, 2 hours in length, tentative 2020 schedule: September, December
    • Hosting of group documents of website
      • Continue to use Google Group for document sharing and conversation
      • Review options for a formal website at next meeting
  4. Working during a Pandemic
    • Survey responses – 19 responses so far, responses included responses from outside of Ontario, survey will remain active to be circulated more widely to Canadian technical services groups
    • Action: Tammy to email survey results to OCATS list
  5. Forum Discussion Continued
    • OFRB ratings – replacement options, film ratings sources mentioned in chat:
      • TIFF
      • BC
      • Quebec
      • Alberta
      • Maritime
      • CHV
      • MPAA
      • CBSC
      • TV Parental Guidance Labels
      • Cineplex
    • OLA-presentations, streams, unconference
      • will plan to schedule an “unconference” time at OLA 2021
  6. Presentation of Draft of Cataloguing Ethics Principles – May Chan, University of Toronto (5 minutes)
    • Background on the Project: In 2019 a steering committee from ALA, CFLA, and CILIP formed to steer a process to come up with cataloguing ethics principles
    • Cataloguing Ethics Steering Committee Website
    • Working groups were formed in fall 2019
      • Subject headings
      • Classification
      • Workflows and infrastructure
    • Working groups presented recommendations and came up with 10 principles (draft)
    • Draft is open for input and commentary until August 1, 2020
  7. RDA Toolkit update – Thomas Brenndorfer, Guelph Public Library (10 minutes)
    • Current toolkit hasn’t had any updates. All new content is in the new toolkit. It updates the instruction set and element set.
    • Language of the toolkit is written in a way to facilitate translation.
    • Some updates in the new toolkit:
      • names, titles access points and identifiers
      • transcribing vs recording
      • new elements: manifestations statement elements
      • access point construction
      • records -> data
    • Resources:
      • ALA has webinar series for RDA training
      • RDA YouTube channel has lots of shorter lessons
      • RIMMF to input data with the RDA element sets
      • Two OLA presentations planned for next year on RDA
    • Proposal: Q&A for RDA at next meeting, call for questions will go our before the next meeting
    • Action: Thomas to put some training links together to share with the group
  8. Other Business
      • Please us the forum in the Google Group to post questions or discussion, it’s always so helpful!
  9. Next Meeting Date and Time
    • Date: September 24th 2020 10am-12pm
  10. Adjournment