December 2021 Meeting Minutes

OCATS Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday December 9, 2021
Time: 10:00am – 11:20pm
Location: Virtual Meeting via Microsoft Teams
  1. Welcome & Land Acknowledgement
  2. Approval of Agenda
  1. OCATS Survey – Lindsay Shaw / Kelly Buehler – OCATS will be conducting a survey of its membership asking questions around areas of knowledge, expertise, access and use of tools for cataloguing, training and mentoring needs. The survey will off an anonymous option for responses. The overall goal of the survey is to collect information on all OCATS members for networking and educational opportunities.

During the discussion it was proposed to add a question about EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) which some libraries are using for acquisitions and invoicing. Questions around knowledge or experience with RDA and linked data may be included.

There is the hope that this data can also be used to aid communication and advocacy in libraries around the importance of cataloguing and preparation around RDA.


  1. OCATS Leadership – Tammy – Tammy is taking a step back from heading OCATS for 2022. Trina and Natalie MacDonald will share chair duties, with Kelly Buehler helping with minutes.

  2. SirsiDynix Workflows / Overlaying item records – Lindsay Shaw – Received a lot of responses to this question. Don’t have EDI enabled on system, which may impact overlaying of item records. Lindsay will share to build knowledge base – put on OCATS website. Curating what is there.
  3. Other Business

OCUL’s COLLABORATIVE FUTURES SURVEY: Antonio Munoz Gomez will circulate via the google group a survey from OCUL’s Collaborative Futures group. They are wanting to indigenize their consortial ALMA catalogue and are looking for policy and workflows from all other libraries that have done this work.

There was discussion around building an OCATS knowledge base for information sharing around this type of topic. Natalie MacDonald shared CKRN’s spreadsheet about working process from CKRN around their removal of the subject heading Indians of North America from their Canadian site. Her information includes some French language mapping. (LINK: )

USE OF INDICATORS IN THE 650 FOR SUBJECT HEADING CHANGES: There was talk about the use 650 #4 vs 650 #7 in MARC for non-LCHS headings like the move from approved to local headings.  For those who don’t have it there is a great MARC 21 site hosted by Library of Congress that talks about indicators and subfields for all MARC codes.


Natalie pointed out that NIKLA (LINK: ) The National Indigenous Knowledge and Language Alliance will be announcing supplemental information around subject headings to bolster the ontology that they have already developed on Indigenous naming.

RDA BASICS: Jana Colton was looking for information on RDA and keeping RDA fields in her local catalogue. A string will be started in the google group related to this where information can be shared on making a case for management, basic training and information on RDA in local catalogues.

  1. Next Meeting: tentative March 17 at 10 am.


  1. Adjournment