September 2022 Meeting Minutes

OCATS September 2022 Meeting Minutes

Date: September 22, 2022 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Location: virtual meeting via Zoom

Co-Chairs: Trina Grover (Toronto Metropolitan University) and Kelly Buehler (Toronto Public Library)

Present: Thomas Brenndorfer, Maggie, Karen Ellis, Juliya Borie, Annabelle Drobniak, Jessica, Kyla, Tricia, Kathleen Dahl, Jolene, Elisa Sze, Janna Colton, Elizabeth Steward, Natalie MacDonald, Trina Grover, Kelly Buehler

Thoughts and feedback on the Tutorial on Creating a 245 Field in New RDA by Thomas

  • It’s helpful to see various navigation options
  • More visuals would be helpful to understand the terminology, e.g. present a sample MARC record and label the RDA components
  • Note that there are patterns in the RDA terminology (Title Proper is the exception); this helps with translation into other languages
  • Question: do these changes improve the user’s experience? (customers and staff).  System implementation and functionality plays a huge role in the user’s experience.
  • A half-day workshop at OLA 2023 on navigating the Toolkit is planned

Getting together at OLA: unconference booking – Natalie will look into this

Reminder:  Emma is looking for a volunteer to help run a session, please let her know if you are interested in working with her on Cataloguing Code of Ethics at OLA super conference 2023.


CCM is looking for a member-at-large from a public library, or special library that uses MARC, following Carol Rigby’s resignation, and called for the network to help recruit a new representative understanding the needs of small libraries.  The membership details can be viewed at CCM’s terms of reference:

A big Thank You to Kyla Jemison, Metadata Librarian at the University of Toronto, for her tutorial on MarcEdit.

RDA Toolkit can be found at

Resources to learn

Next meeting let’s talk about library vendors.  Sometime in January.