October 2021 Meeting Minutes

OCATS Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday October 4, 2021
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
Location: Virtual Meeting via Microsoft Teams
  1. Welcome & Land Acknowledgement – if anyone would like to suggest changes to the Land Acknowledgement contact Tammy Moorse – tmoorse @hpl.ca
  2. Approval of Agenda – Approved
  1. OCATS Logo Update
    • attendees voted on the new logo. The “fade” logo will go on the website, but black and white photo will also be available
  2. Introduction – Elisa Sze (UofT), Education and Orientation Officer RDA Steering Committee (starting January 1, 2022, see http://www.rda-rsc.org/node/674)
    • Elisa would like to know what resources libraries need to introduce staff to RDA
    • She will put together a survey that can be circulated
    • She welcomes feedback on the RDA Toolkit (elisa@rdatoolkit.org)
    • There’s a free trial of the RDA Toolkit at https://rdatoolkit.org
    • RDA YouTube channel is at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd5pa3AoQIr17wESE9YHcnw. There are explanations of RDA concepts, how to navigate the Toolkit, etc.
    • Thomas Brenndorfer and Elisa have submitted a presentation on introductory RDA for OLA 2022
    • Tammy will follow up with Elisa and Thomas about coming back to OCATS in 2022 to present on RDA
    • May Chan raised the issue of accessibility to the RDA Toolkit. Accessibility to cataloguing tools is an ethical issue; many libraries lack the financial ability to subscribe. May would be willing to advocate for consortia access to RDA Toolkit
    • Kelly Buehler and Lindsay will draft a survey to identify which cataloguing tools libraries have access to and which they would like access to – to be ready for the December OCATS meeting
  3. Member Check-In
    • Jana Prokupek – Burlington Public Library – BPL is switching from Sierra to Polaris with all that entails. Only cataloguers will have access to the Polaris client; public service will use Leap. Hamilton Public Library and Guelph Public Library are also on Polaris, and there was some discussion about the merits of the client vs Leap
    • Natalie MacDonald – Canadian Research Knowledge Network
  4. OCATS Mentorship or Networking – Initial Discussion
    • Should we create a way to offer mentorships or other networking opportunities to OCATS members?
    • Perhaps we should have an annual meeting to meet and get to know each other
    • Kelly and Lindsay will fold some additional questions into the survey mentioned in section 4 above: your profile, area of expertise, area about which you have questions
    • Can we get more people involved? Students from university and library technician programs?
    • OLA has a mentoring program – Tammy will investigate coordinating with them
  5. Music Cataloguing & Classification
    • Joanne MacDonald (Ottawa Public Library, joanne.macdonald@ottawa.ca) had questions about how other libraries classify music: changing from World Music to Global Music for inclusivity; placement of R&B and Hip Hop in to a Pop/Rock category; use of the term Folk Music
    • May Chan suggested that a good approach might be to learn how the music is viewed in its country of origin; do people consider it popular, classical, or folk, for example?
    • Someone (?) said that the classification scheme at their library had a tendency to separate “white” music (pop/rock) from “black” music (R&B, hip hop, soul)
    • Kelly Buehler (Toronto Public Library) said that TPL’s pop section is a huge category that includes everything from Frank Sinatra to Joni Mitchell to the Beastie Boys
    • Attendees discussed the level of cataloguing for various types of music. Anne Dundas said that London Public Library doesn’t want to put too much work into cataloguing a dying resource (CDs)
    • Lindsay said that her library no longer buys CDs but relies on a rotation collection from the county cooperative. She made the point that although CD circulation statistics may be low, streaming is not always a viable alternative due to lack of infrastructure or low income
    • Lindsay found a good resource for music cataloguing (etc.) at Edmonton Public Library: https://manuals.epl.ca/cat/soundrecordings/nonclassical
  6. Barcode Scanners
    • Suggestions wanted around wireless or reading QR codes
    • Nobody at the meeting had suggestions
  7. Other Business – none
  8. Next Meeting Date and Time – Thursday December 9 and 10 am
  9. Adjournment